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Marlins Game Today

In an attempt to keep fans from going stir-crazy as we desperately await Opening Day, Fox Sports Florida continues its weekly rebroadcasting of eight Marlins games that were fan favorites last season.

This week's replay should fill you with warm fuzzies, since it involves the besting of longtime Marlins nemesis Jamie Moyer (very few things in life are as satisfying).

May 30 - Anibal Sanchez won his fourth consecutive start, combining with three relievers on a four-hit shutout while outdueling Jamie Moyer and helping the Marlins rebound from a perfect game and a four-game skid

If you are fortunate enough to be off from work in the middle of the week, you can catch the replay today at noon on FSFL. Also, check out a complete listing of upcoming replays at

Ichthyomancy is ready for April 1st.