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Marlins Sporting New Numbers

Saber geeks, rejoice. You are about to read a post entirely centered around numbers.

OK, rejoicing may be just a tad of an overreaction. Especially since this post has absolutely nothing to do with BATTLE (COMBAT?), Special OPS, WHIPs or UZIs (incidentally, why is sabermetrics so violent?).

No, the numbers I'm referring to are ones the human brain can comprehend without conjuring an aneurism, namely the kind that are sewn on the back of player jerseys. Many of those numbers are changing for the Fish this season, and Joe Frisaro wants to make sure we don't get anybody mixed up.

For instance, first baseman Gaby Sanchez no longer is wearing No. 14. Instead, he has switched to No. 15. John Buck, the club's new catcher, will be wearing No. 14.


Omar Infante, obtained from Atlanta in the Dan Uggla trade, will be wearing No. 13. Uggla's old No. 6 is now being worn by catcher Brad Davis.

Javier Vazquez will be No. 23, while Randy Choate is No. 35. Other newcomers and their numbers are Edward Mujica (34), Ryan Webb (58) and Dustin Richardson (24).

Now that we've got all that straightened out, the only number to concern ourselves with is the number of days until the season begins. And that would be 67.