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Ricky's Ready

Good news, Fish fans. Ricky Nolasco's progress is coming along nicely after his September surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. He is actually recovering ahead of schedule, and when pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training one month from now, Ricky will be ready for action.

[Nolasco] doesn't expect any limitations at the start of camp. "I'm probably a little bit ahead [of schedule]," Nolasco said during an interview Saturday on the Marlins Insider radio show. "I had a little bit of a long layoff. So I started doing stuff a little earlier. There were no limitations in anything that I did. The knee is fine. I'll be ready to go in Spring Training with no issues. I'll be able to do all my running and everything."

If at least 50% of the Marlins roster avoid suffering meniscus tears in 2011, I will personally consider the season a raging success.