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Logan Morrison and family

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Today begins a weekly series by MLB on the plight of Logan Morrison and his family.

Adam Spunberg is the author of the series and his name may be familiar to you.  Adam was the creator of the South Florida Fan blog which covered the Marlins.  After running the blog for awhile he scored a gig at MLB.

I know Adam in the sense bloggers know other bloggers, in that, you exchange emails and converse about whatever topic is of concern at the moment.  Adam is a good guy who gets the privilege of covering this story.  He is a Marlins fan, so while he is an objective reporter and covers the story accordingly, a little fandom seeps through.  And I like that.

Anyway here is the first story in the series:

Morrisons show strength is family trait

Click on the link and read the whole thing, you will be glad you did.