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Josh Johnson's and Ricky Nolasco's ailments

As was projected by many, Josh Johnson has two injuries, though neither of them is major.

Clark Spencer reports:

The Marlins have announced that Josh Johnson has right shoulder inflammation and a mid-back strain, but that there is no structural damage. He will rejoin the club in Washingon on Friday, but no determination has been made about when his next start might be, or even if there will be another start this season.

That is good news but there is a problem in that shoulders and backs are very complicated muscles.  Meaning, they don't always heal overnight and have a very annoying way of reoccurring in the healing the process.  And if any of you should have experienced either, you know the drill.  It ain't fun.

It is possible JJ will pitch again this season, but I don't think it will be anytime soon.  Could be wrong, of course.  But there is no reason to rush him out to the mound just so he can miss more starts with the same problem.  If the injuries linger on and they could, then he ought to be shutdown.  If his shoulder is hurting and his back is hurting he will naturally adjust his motion to compensate for the pain, and then other things get hurt.  It is just not worth the risk.

Ricky Nolasco had surgery yesterday to repair his knee and will start rehab very soon.  He should be back throwing in four to six weeks.  Then it is soft-tossing, then long-tossing and finally working off the mound.  The next time we see Ricky pitch in a Marlins uniform will be in spring training.