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Fish Wrap - Marlins 6, Phillies 10

It was an ugly game.

The Phillies scored ten runs, 9 of them off of Big Game Andrew and that furry facial overgrowth he refers to as a mustache. And if you think for one second that we're going to give you a detailed description of how the Phillies scored those runs, you have far too much faith in humanity.

Instead, please enjoy a clip from what I can only assume is BGA's favorite film:

Oh, okay, fine. A few more details.

While Andrew stunk the place up, Cole Hamels held the Marlins to just four hits over seven shutout innings. He has gone 25 consecutive innings without giving up a run, surpassing his previous record of 21 straight scoreless innings. It's always nice to help guys better themselves at our expense.

The Fish did finally get on the board in the eighth when they scored six runs, five of which were against former Fish Nate Robertson. (Good to see he's still got it.) Gaby Sanchez hit a three-run homer to end the shutout, Cameron Maybin doubled in two, and Scott Cousins added an RBI double to bring the Marlins within four runs.

But six is less than ten, so the Fish still lost. 

The End.