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Fish Wrap (Game 2) - Marlins 4, Phillies 7

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Game two of the Marlins' double header with the Phillies didn't go as well a game one.

The Marlins grabbed an early lead off of Roy Oswalt when Mike Stanton hit his second home run of the day, a two-out solo shot to left. But the Phillies answered right back in the bottom of the inning--times 5. Anibal Sanchez gave up two singles, then walked Dominic Brown to load the bases. Actually, he struck out Brown, but was being seriously squeezed by home plate umpire Ted Barrett, who decided the strike zone should be the size of a single molecule, and refused to call perfect pitches strikes.

Anibal was clearly shaken up by the impossible zone, and walked Carlos Ruiz to bring in a run. Shane Victorino added an RBI single, and Placido Polanco hit a ground rule double to plate two runs. Chase Utley kept the line moving with an RBI single, and the Phillies were up 5-1 by the time Anibal recorded the third out in the inning.

In the top of the third, the Fish got two of those runs back when Logan Morrison walked, and Hanley hit a home run to bring the Marlins within two.

Cameron Maybin was the next Fish to go deep. He hit a solo shot in the top of the fifth, and the Marlins were within a run. They wouldn't be for long, though, because Anibal's struggles continued in the bottom of the inning.

Placido Polanco led off with a triple, and Chase Utley drove him in with an RBI single. After Anibal walked Ryan Howard to put two on with no outs, Edwin decided it was time to pull the plug. Jorge Sosa replaced him on the mound and allowed a run to score on a double by Ibanez that gave the Phillies a 7-4 lead.

That score held through the top of the ninth, and the Phillies split the doubleheader with the Marlins.