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Marlins to brush off Bobby Cox?

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As most of you know, the legendary Bobby Cox is making his final rounds as manager of the Atlanta Braves and every team they have faced has honored the long time skipper in some form or fashion. Well, except for maybe one.

The Marlins have nothing planned to honor Cox -- not even a simple scoreboard goodbye or good-luck salute -- even though he has managed the Braves longer than the Marlins have been in existence. Cox will manage his final game in South Florida on Sunday.

The Marlins aren't saying why they're giving Cox the cold shoulder, but there's a chance it has something to do with his comments critical of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria when Fredi Gonzalez -- a Cox friend and protégé -- was fired in June.

Leave it to the Marlins front office to revert back to middle school playground behavior. Forget that crap about turning the other cheek or being the bigger man. Oh, no, we can't have that. I would go on and on but what is the point?

However, there is still time to send someone out to the store to buy $200 worth of heartfelt crap and put something on the scoreboard to save face. And maybe, just maybe, they will do it. And I hope they do. 'Cause if they don't, they will only be embarrassing themselves for the..... I can't count that high time.