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Adalberto Mendez to start first game on Monday

Adalberto Mendez will start the first game of the double header on Monday.


Armed with 350 games of Minor League experience, Adalberto Mendez is on the verge of pitching in his first Major League game.

The Marlins selected the contract of the 28-year-old on Saturday from Triple-A New Orleans. And the right-hander is penciled in as Florida's Game 1 starter on Monday afternoon at Philadelphia. The teams will play a day-night doubleheader to make up a rainout on June 9 at Citizens Bank Park.


In case you don't know who Adalberto Mendez is, don't feel alone, I really don't know either.  I spent some time trying to figure out how we got him from the Cubs, but I still don't know.

He has spent most of his time with the Zephyrs in the bullpen but did make 9 starts.  Though I'm hard pressed to find one where he went longer than six innings.  Should he be able to go six innings on Monday, I will be impressed.

Here are his New Orleans stats:  Adalberto Mendez.