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Miami chapter of BWAA gives out awards

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The Miami chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America named their award winners.

Joe Capozzi has it covered.

Dan Uggla was named the Marlins’ Most Valuable Player by the Miami chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America, snapping a string of three straight years won by Hanley Ramirez.


Gaby Sanchez beat out a talented crop of Marlins rookie to win the team rookie of the year award.

Reliever Clay Hensley won the Jeff Conine Award and Bill Beck, who will retire after this year as the team’s traveling secretary for 19 years, won the Charlie Hough Good Guy Award.

I don't have a problem with any of the awards winners.  Danny has been easily the Marlins MVP.  One could make some sort of a case for Josh Johnson, but really that would be a stretch.  When it comes to MVP, I have a hard time considering someone who plays only every fifth game for the award.  Not to mention the slide after the All-Star game and being shutdown towards the end of the season.

Gaby Sanchez is very deserving of the rookie of the year award.  He has been up all season and has been remarkably solid the whole time.  Actually, if I got to vote for the ROY in the NL, he would have my vote.

The Jeff Conine award is for the player who plays the game the way it was meant to be played.  Selfless and with integrity.  Clay Hensley has done just that.

Bill Beck, should get the good guy award.  Traveling secretary is a very tough and thankless job, but from all reports Beck made it seamless no matter if the team arrived in some town in the wee hours of the morning, everything was always good to go.  

The Miami chapter of the BWAA got it right this year.