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Logan Morrison and Family, Part IV

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Adam Spunberg continues his wonderful series of reports about the Morrison Family.

In this edition LoMo's parents answer questions from the fans.  While none of my example questions made the cut, at least one of our very own FishStripers did.

LadyFish's question made the grade.  She has a knack for doing that, be it email Tuesday or a forum like this one, her questions always get selected.  Mine never do.

Here is her question:

Logan shows such amazing patience at the plate, particularly for a rookie. Is Logan a patient person in other matters as well? Therefore, does his natural tendency towards patience (if he has that quality) impact his patience at the plate, or is it totally a learned skill?
-- Stacey of, Wellington, Fla.

I (dad) vote learned skill. His patience at the plate does not always translate to other facets of life, but his choices in life have been well thought out.

In case you were wondering, her name first name is misspelled.  But FishStripes was spelled correctly, so there is that.  Which is probably of little consolation to LadyFish.

Read the whole article, it won't take you long, but it is very interesting.  Probably the most insightful response given by his parents is the one about the man they hope he grows into.  Judging by what we can tell thus far, he is well on his way into doing just that.  If he isn't there already.

Give it a look see.  Adam once again did a spectacular job with the article on the Morrisons.