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Fish Wrap - Marlins 1, Braves 5

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The Marlins were in what they call sweep avoidance mode but someone, somewhere, needs to do some upgrading to the mode, because it sure ain't working.

To the game:

In the first inning, the Marlins got off to a good start when Scott Cousins led off the inning with a single past a diving Brooks Conrad to left.  Emilio Bonifacio followed with a walk, to place runners on first and second with no outs.  Then it gets a little weird.  Logan Morrison hit a tapper back to Derek Lowe who spun threw it to Alex Gonzalez covering second.  Boni was ruled out at second when Sea Bass lost the handle on the ball in the transfer.  (Maybe that is what happened or maybe he never actually caught the ball.)  Then with the ball rolling around behind second, Cousins broke for home.  Alex picked up the ball and threw it home to nail Cousins at the plate.  (He was probably out, but opinions could differ on that one too.)  So now, there is a runner on first with two outs.  Dan Uggla hit a grounder to Conrad and his throw was up the line letting Danny reach first.  But nothing came from all this activity.

Lowe would settle down and the Marlins wouldn't make any noise again until the sixth.

However, the Braves wouldn't wait that long.  Andrew Miller pitched with runners all over the bases in the first two innings, but somehow got out of it each time.  But his luck would only last for so long.

In the third with one out, he walked Matt Diaz and Derrek Lee.  After Alex filed out to center, David Brooks hit a ball off the scoreboard on the fence in the left for a double scoring Diaz.  Then Brooks Conrad stepped into the batter's box.  On the second pitch he saw, he laced a hit over the left filed wall to increase the Braves lead to 4-0.

BGA's night would end after the third.  He gave up 4 runs, on 4 hits, along with 4 walks in his three innings of work.  You have to give him credit for being kind of symmetrical.  Jose Ceda took over and pitched a scoreless fourth and fifth.

In the sixth, the Marlins would finally get on the board.  With one out, Danny singled to center and with two outs Chad Tracy singled to move Uggla over to third.  Mike Stanton followed with a single to left to plate Danny and that be all the Marlins could muster on offense for whole the game.

The Braves added on a run in the eighth, but it was totally unnecessary.

For those of you who couldn't see the game due to it conflicting with work, school, drinking or whatever, you really didn't miss much.

Time to go home to Florida.