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Donnie Murphy surgical repair

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Donnie Murphy underwent the knife or the scope or something yesterday.

Donnie "Walk Off" Murphy’s season is over. He had surgery today after suffering a dislocated right wrist while making a tumbling catch behind second base Wednesday night.

No further details of Murphy’s procedure were available.

I really don't know anything about what they do to fix a dislocated wrist, but I did find this in my searching.

How do you treat a dislocated wrist? If the injury isn't that severe the wrist bones may align themselves properly with time to heal. You should also incorporate rest, ice, compression and elevation to increase the chances of healing.

In extreme cases surgery is called for. The surgeon opens the hand and wrist area to align the bones properly. If there is major damage other devices such as surgical screws may be used.

Given that he underwent surgery, I think we can assume it was an "extreme case".  I asked Will Carroll about the recovery time on this surgery also and here is what he had to say:

It's not the dislocation that's the problem. The bone goes back into place and that's fixed. It's the damage surrounding it - ligaments, tendons, etc - that's the issue, so it depends on how much. Very tough to tell.

It is possible it will heal by spring training next year, but that is nowhere guaranteed since we really don't know what they did in the operating room.  Hopefully, there wasn't much soft tissue damage.

I'm working on my Donnie Murphy tribute which I hope to have posted somewhat soon.  Read: like by the weekend.

Wishing for Donny "Bleeping" Murphy's speedy recovery.

Thanks, Will, for you all your help.