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Cameron Maybin out for the season?

If you weren't watching last night's game, Cameron Maybin crashed into the wall was taken off in the cart.


Marlins center fielder Cameron Maybin was carted off the field with a lower back strain and a left leg injury Tuesday night after crashing into the wall while trying to make a running catch.


"My left leg and my lower back are pretty sore," said Maybin, who was on crutches after the game. "It could have been a lot worse. Nothing broke. I was just in pain. I'll be all right; just a lot of pain right now."

An X-ray came back negative, and Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez didn't rule out Maybin playing in two or three days. That may be overly optimistic, as the center fielder was limping and favoring his left side.


I'm betting there is no way Maybin will play again this season.  And there is no reason for him to.  The Marlins have only 5 games left in the season, and bringing a hurt Maybin back doesn't make any sense.  Especially since Scott Cousins can field the position very neatly and Emilio Bonifacio can be used as the fourth outfielder if need be.

All Maybin needs to do is rest up, get well and be ready for the Spring Training.