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Marlins will not finish last in attendance

While this is little to be proud of, the Marlins will not finish last in home attendance once again.


The A's, who closed the turnstile books on their 81-game home slate over the weekend, finished with a total attendance of 1,418,391. The Marlins are at 1,423,614 with four home games remaining against the Pirates.

The Marlins will receive a slight attendance bump Sunday when the team reveals the final tally on ticket sales that continued after Phillies ace Roy Halladay's perfect game.

More than 10,000 tickets have been sold as souvenirs since Halladay's historic performance in May and will count toward final attendance.

Adding in the "souvenir" tickets is really pretty pathetic.  Just because the Marlins were able to sell some unused tickets to Phillies fans who weren't even at the game, they shouldn't count in the total.

Also, it cheapens the tickets of the ones who were actually in attendance. 

But anything for a buck is how the front office rolls, and if it inflates attendance numbers, all the better.  The weird thing is: almost nothing they do shocks me anymore.  I don't know whether that speaks worse about me or them.