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Hanley Ramirez done for the season?

While there is no official word on this, I'm guessing the next time we see Hanley Ramirez playing short and getting at least 4 AB in a game, will be in spring training.

Florida SS Hanley Ramirez did not start for the sixth straight game because of a sore left elbow. He said Monday night his right elbow hurts, too.

There was a Hanley sighting last night when he came in to pinch run for Brad Davis in the eighth.  But pinch running is probably the only thing the front office and Edwin wants him to do for the remainder of the season.  There is really no reason to risk further injury at this point in the season.

And anyway, Ozzie seems able to field the shortstop position very neatly.  True, he is not even close to the hitter Hanley is, but he isn't horrible either.  And it looks like he is having a good time out there.  Since the Marlins are eliminated, I have no problem letting a kid live a dream.