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Will Ohman back on Tuesday?

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Apparently, Will Ohman thinks he will be back in the bullpen on Tuesday, maybe.

Will Ohman, the Marlins' only left-handed reliever, said he hopes to be available by Tuesday. He has been out since Sept. 12 because of a sore elbow.

For his sake, he really needs to pitch again this season.  I don't think there is away in this world that the Marlins will try to re-sign him and pay the... oh, I don't know, $1.5 million he will command in the "free" market.

Elbow problems are always a concern since they can eventually mean Tommy John surgery, but if he can show he is healthy then that concern is somewhat abated.

Ohman has done a decent job for the Marlins this season but I still don't like the fact that the team gave up Rick VandenHurk for him.  But I guess it will be nice to have a lefty in the pen again, though I don't think that is our biggest problem.