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Marlins Rookie Hazing

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With the Marlins, rookie hazing was in full bloom yesterday.

I really need to look at some data about this event, because I think the Marlins have lost almost every game before they try to embarrass the rookies.  Not sure I'm right on that, but it feels that way.

Nonetheless, let's get to the order of the day.

First up is a picture Cameron Maybin put on twitter.


Hopefully, Cameron has the rights to the picture but if he doesn't I will find out about it very soon.

The videos to follow are all from Joe Capozzi:

The first is LoMo, Gaby, Brad Davis and Chris Hatcher.

The second is Mike Stanton and Alex Sanabia.

The third is Scott Cousins, Jose Ceda and Ozzie Martinez.

Click on the link to Joe Capozzi's article, he gives much more detail about the rookie hazing.