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Fish Wrap - Marlins 1, Brewers 7

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For some teams when they play their last game at home there is a table set up at the exits to give away some of the extra promotional gifts leftover from the season.  I have seen it.  Normally, you get to select one of the giveaways to take home with you.  The most unusual one I ever saw sitting on the table was a 50 lbs bag of manure.  I guess farm and ranch night wasn't that well attended during the season.

Anyways, Adalberto Mendez, apparently, thought the table at Miller Park was too bare and decided to start his own souvenir day at the park.  More on that in just a little bit.  But first, let's cover the Marlins scoring, this won't take long.

In the top of the first, with one out Ozzie Martinez hit a hot one hop ground ball that bounced off Casey McGehee into left field.  Logan Morrison followed with a single through the gap between first and second to move Ozzie to second.  After which Dan Uggla walked to load the bases.  Gaby Sanchez just missed a pitch that landed in front of the warning track for a sacrifice fly to put the Marlins on the board first.

It would get worse from there.  In fact Brewers starter, Chris Capuano, would settle down and the Marlins would do next to nothing for the rest of the game.

Now, let's get to Adalberto's great giveaway.  If you were at the game, you needed to be sitting high in the upper deck in the outfield, because that is where the free game balls would be landing.  Mendez gave up four home runs in a little over two innings.  And none of them were cheap shots.  He gave up two to Ryan Braun in his first two plate appearances, Lorenzo Cain's first home run ever and a shot by Prince Fielder that I think may have landed by now.  All in all it was a good day if you were a Brewers fan sitting in the cheapest seats in the park.

If, however, you are a Marlins fan - the game stunk.  Though, Danny did make an outstanding catch of a line drive which surely made the web gems list.  But it is kinda sad when Danny going airborne is the best thing on the Marlins highlight reel.

The Marlins will try it again on Monday.