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Logan Morrison and Family Part lll

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Adam Spunberg delivered this third story on the Morrison family a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we were unable to link to it in a timely manner.  If it is of any consolation, we wanted to.

If you were watching the game last night, you saw FSFL highlight the fact that the Morrisons were in attendance to see Logan play.  While they may have been disappointed that the team didn't win, I am sure they were very proud when their son extended his on-base streak.  Actually, I think they would have been just as proud of him if he struck out four times.  Parents are kinda like that.

Adam once again pens an excellent article and this one deals more in depth with Tom Morrison's struggles with lung cancer.

Here is a part of it:


Tom feels extremely grateful to have such a devoted wife, and he recounted her loving acts repeatedly.

"My wife stayed with me every night in the hospital," he said. "She was there when I got sick, when I almost died. She slept in a crummy bed. One of those rollouts that hurts your back. Of course, the hospital bed wasn't much better."

You really need to read the entire article and get an idea of what they had to go through, the story doesn't begin to encompass everything, for that would be impossible.  But it does give some insight into a very loving, caring family and how they are dealing with a serious illness.

Normally I would just wrap it there.  However, there is a part I can personally relate to in my life.  LoMo's dad had this to say about the trip.

"....We're going to grab some Milwaukee sausages and beer, have a good time together."

The brats in Miller Park are the best concession in baseball.  Bar none.  If you ever go there, you have to try one.  And believe me, you won't stop at one.  As far as the beer goes, I have never seen so many beer tenders in my life.  It is like one walks by every 30 seconds.

Anyways, click on the story and read away.  It is very touching and as a bonus you will get to learn the genesis of LoMo's walkup music, which is touching too.

In the next edition, LoMo's parents will be answering questions from the fans.  So if you have a question send it to Adam:

For example:  Did Logan run over his teammates in the field when he was learning the game, or is that a skill he acquired after getting to the majors?

How much money did you have to spend buying all of home runs balls in Little League?*

* Note:  I don't know if they do this everywhere or not.  But when I was in Little League and a player hit a home run, the kid who retrieved it got a free snow cone.  And then it was given to the directors of the league who went in search of the parents and asked if they would like to buy the ball for $10.  Normally the Dad said no, but Mom would veto that and the ball went home with them.  Sadly, my parents never had to bring extra cash to game.

I'm sure you can think up better questions than that.  So send those questions in and who knows, maybe yours will be chosen.