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Fish Wrap - Marlins 3, Cubs 13

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The Marlins were in sweep avoidance mode, but it seems that the team needs a refresher course on what the word "avoidance" means.  Because it appears they think "ensuring a sweep" is synonym for "avoiding the sweep".  If you missed the game, congratulations.  If you turned it off after two innings and went on with your life, good move.  If you stuck it out to end, you are the diehard fan of the year.  The Marlins were never in yesterday's game.  It started ugly and got uglier.

Andrew Miller got the first hitter of the game out.  That would end up being his best moment of his short time on the mound.  He then walked Darwin Barney and Jeff Baker followed with a ground-rule double to left.  Which moved Barney to third.  BGA promptly walked Micah Hoffpauir to load the bases.  So with two out Bobby Scales singled to drive home two runs to put the Marlins down in the score 2-0.

BGA, was consistent, in the second he walked Wellington Castillo to open the inning.  After which pitcher Jeff Samardzija did the sac bunt thing to move Castillo to second.  Sam Fuld followed with a single to put runners on the corners.  Miller walked Barney for the second time in the game, which loaded the bases with one out.  That was all Edwin could stand and signaled to the pen for Brett Sinkbeil.  Sinkbeil promptly walked the first three batters he faced.  TV sets in South Florida were changing channels as quickly as possible at this point.  But Sinkbeil was far from being through, to his credit he started throwing strikes but unfortunately they were over the fat part of the plate.  A couple of hits later and the score was Marlins 0, Cubs 8.

In the second a scary thing happened, Castillo got a broken bat hit and the sharp end of the broken bat hit Tyler Colvin in the chest as he was coming home to score from third.  Colvin was taken to the hospital for treatment and will reportedly stay for a couple of days for observation.  He is listed in stable condition.

The "game" continued but there is no stinking way I'm going to recap it further.

The Marlins only got 3 three hits, but they did use them efficiently to score three runs.  Dan Uggla hit a two-run blue seater to left and Hector Luna hit a solo shot to left center for his second home run of the season.  And that was basically all the Marlins did on offense.

Oh, Logan Morrison extended his on-base streak to 38 games.

All in all, this game SUCKED!