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Donnie Murphy out for the Season?

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More than likely Donnie Murphy won't see another at bat for the Marlins this year.

Florida also lost reserve infielder Donnie Murphy on Wednesday night to a wrist injury.

Playing in place of an injured Dan Uggla, Murphy dislocated his right wrist while making a diving catch


"Donnie Murphy is hurt. He’s going to see a hand specialist tomorrow and then surgery might be an option," Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said.

Dislocating your wrist sounds excruciatingly painful.  Should this prove to be true, and we have no reason to think it is not, Donnie Murphy's season with the Marlins will be recapped tomorrow.  That is assuming everything in the non-blogging life cooperates tonight.

So far, Donnie Murphy hasn't had a long tenure with the team.  But in this season, his shining moments are what legends are made of.  Hopefully, he will get repaired and be back next season.  We sure can use him.