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Hanley Ramirez out with sore elbow

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In case you were wondering, Hanley Ramirez didn't make the start last night due to a sore elbow.

Joe Frisaro has the stories.


For about 10 days, Hanley Ramirez has been dealing with a sore left elbow.

With the Marlins returning from a day off on Thursday, manager Edwin Rodriguez decided to give his All-Star shortstop another day of rest. The hope is a couple of days off will be all Ramirez needs to be back in the lineup.


"The elbow is affecting the start of Hanley's swing and the finish of the swing," Rodriguez said.

Oh, great.  Someone please tell me the Marlins aren't going to have another position player going through Tommy John surgery.  What I just wrote would be the worse case scenario, more than likely that won't happen.  Or at least I hope so.

In other walking wounded news:


Due to soreness, lefty veteran Will Ohman and rookie right-hander Jay Buente were unavailable on Friday night against the Cubs.

Chances are neither one will be ready the next few days.

Ohman has a sore left elbow, and he hasn't pitched since Sunday at Washington.

Buente, who pitched two innings on Wednesday in a 10-5 loss to the Phillies, is dealing with a sore right shoulder.

 This turning into 2005 all over again.  In case you don't remember, the Marlins ended that season with basically the Triple-A team finishing the schedule.  Okay, it wasn't quite that bad but it seemed like it.  And apparently we are doing something similar this season.

 This is one of those times where history repeating itself isn't a good thing.