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Fish Wrap - Marlins 5, Phillies a lot more than that

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Is there really a point in writing a recap when Roy Halladay is starting against the Fish? Come to it, is there any point in even playing the game? Let's just hand Doc his victory and be done with it. Especially when a Marlins reliever is making the start due to the fact that 80% of the rotation is either maimed, or serving suspensions for getting into fisticuffs with Nyjer Morgan.

Jorge Sosa and the Marlins were trying to avoid the sweep Wednesday night against the Phillies, and they failed. Sosa gave up six runs in 2 1/3 innings, and between him and Jose Ceda, 109 pitches were thrown in the first four innings. The rest of the parade of relievers didn't fare a whole lot better, except for Brett Sinkbeil and Brian Sanches, who managed not to give up a run in their appearances.

Due to my lack of interest in reliving the rest of this mess, I will instead compile a list of... 

Stuff That Did Not Suck About This Game:

- The Marlins actually had some base runners against Doc Halladay. (Small victories)

- Logan Morrison extended his on-base streak to 35 games with a single in the third.

- Gaby Sanchez homered in the sixth.

- Uggla collected RBI #94 on the season.

- LoMo hit a stand-up triple in the 7th, which is always fun to watch.

- The Fish loaded up the bases and walked in a run against Brad Lidge in the ninth.

- Nobody died.

Other than those few shining moments, the game sucked, and the Fish got swept. Boo.