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Logan Morrison and Family, Part ll

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The second part of Adam Spunberg's series on Logan Morrison and his family has been posted, and really deserves a look-see.  (Yes, I lived in Louisiana for awhile.)

Today's column is about LoMo's tweeting and his family's response to it.  Here at FishStripes we follow LoMo on twitter, and I must say, he may be the most reachable baseball player on the forum.  For some reason he feels the need to respond to every single question he gets from fans.  In saying that, don't sign up for an account just to ask him what was his favorite present he received on his sixth birthday.  Not that you would. Or at least, I hope you wouldn't.

Here is a small part of the article.

For all his prowess on the field, Logan has steadily earned a reputation for being humorous and witty. And like many 20-somethings who tweet unabashedly without thinking about how their parents might perceive things, some of Logan's insights have caught the eyes of his mother and father.

When asked if they follow closely, Diane Morrison said, "Actually, yes and no. It's not something that I look at every day. Once a week, maybe. Tom looks every day. Maybe I should more often."

 LoMo does have a wonderful sense of humor... or maybe it is better described as a quick sense of wit.  Or it could be a combination of two.  Or maybe I need to buy a dictionary and learn the true meanings of the phrases.  But  whatever the case, he is fun to read on twitter.

I do want to make this statement: I love articles that humanize players.  Also I love it when they humanize themselves using forums like twitter.  It is too easy to get caught up in the stats part and forget that there are actually real people involved in the endeavor.  The reason I made it plural is that when a player is in the batter's box or trying to field a ball, it is just him doing the activity.  But in the grander scope of things, he is really not alone.  There are always loved ones who are right there with him.  Maybe in only spirit, but they are there.

Morrison amuses parent with tweeting

Check it out.