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Marlins 2011 Schedule Released

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The Marlins released their tentative, and I want to emphasis the word tentative, schedule for 2011. This will be team's last season in JRS. I would call it by its proper name but it will probably change names two or three times during the 2011 season.

Marlins 2011 Schedule

The Marlins will open the season at home, for a change, against the Mets on April 1.

The longest road trips are nine-games and that happens twice, if I remember correctly. One of those is out West for midnight baseball. The sad part is the midnight baseball one happens in May, so I may be all alone in the open thread.

In Interleague action we are playing the AL West next season along with our in state rival the Rays. The Marlins will travel to play the Rangers and the A's. The Angels and Mariners will visit South Florida.

Joe Frisaro has a better run down of the complete schedule, so check it out here:

Marlins open 2011 slate at home vs. Mets