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Brett Sinkbeil called up

Pitcher Brett Sinkbeil gets the call.


Brett Sinkbeil, the Marlins first-round pick in 2006, has been recalled from Triple-A New Orleans on Tuesday.

This will mark the Major League debut for Sinkbeil, a 25-year-old right-hander who appeared in 58 games for the Zephyrs.

Now don't get too excited thinking that the Marlins have called up a starter, they didn't.  While Sinkbeil was a starter for most of his minor league career, he was moved to relief sometime last season.  And has only pitched in relief this season and most of it as an one inning only guy.

Brett still throws hard and can be effective if his pitches don't flatten out.  The problem he has faced is that his pitches tend to flatten out and eventually, good hitters can time a 96 mph fastball.

Since he is already 25, it is time to see what he can do in the majors.  Maybe just maybe, he will be able to spot his fastball well enough to be effective.  We will see.

Welcome aboard, Brett.

Brett Sinkbeil's stats in NOLA.