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Josh Johnson shut down?

Josh Johnson was unable to pitch in his scheduled bullpen session yesterday and will not start Wednesday or possibly again this season.  

Manager Edwin Rodriguez said he's going to talk about the situation, hopefully on Monday with pitching coach Randy St. Claire and GM Michael Hill. Rodriguez said, in his opinion, shutting Johnson down might be the best option, but they'll reach a decision after everyone talks about what to do.

"We've been talking about [shutting Johnson down], and my opinion has been the same," Rodriguez said. "If there's any indication that he's not getting any better, that it's going to get any worse, we should shut him down. But that's only my opinion. We have to sit down, maybe tomorrow ... and make a decision. But it has to be an organizational decision."

Shutting down Johnson is the best move.  If he wasn't feeling well enough to throw a bullpen session it is time to call in the dogs where JJ is concerned.  JJ is an extreme competitor. You know, one of those who lies to you and tells you that he is good to go when he is really fighting through pain.  I can't think of one reason why anyone in the front office would want to see him pitch again this season.

The Marlins aren't in the playoff hunt; all we are doing is helping to decide who does make it, and trying to finish with the best winning record we can.  Nothing wrong with that.  No one thought this would be our year.  Oh sure, at the start of the season there was a possibility, but it was pretty remote.  

However, next year could be our year, and if it is, everything will have come together a year or two quicker than I am expecting.  That said, if the team messes around and pitches JJ and he gets hurt further, it is really going to screw up future plans.  Just shut him down and we will see what the young ones can do.

Since JJ isn't going to make the start on Wednesday, expect to see a bullpen-by-committee start.  If I had to guess, the Hopper will start the game and go as far as he can and then the revolving will be put into motion.

Bottom line is: there is a lot of risk with letting JJ pitch again this season and there is no reward for the doing so.