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Fish Wrap - Marlins 6, Nationals 5

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The Marlins completed something on Sunday that isn't easy to do on the road no matter which team they are playing, they got the SWEEP!

The action in the game really didn't start until the second inning, so due to time constraints we move ahead in the action.  (If you don't stay up late and watch replays on ESPN, you won't get that.)

In the second inning, Mike Stanton was the first hitter to the plate and hit he did. Stanton on the fifth pitch he saw turned it around and put in the left field bleachers to start the scoring.  Cameron Maybin followed with a walk and moved to second on Mike Rivera's ground out to second.  Now, if you are wondering how that happen, Maybin was attempting to steal and was almost at second when the ground ball got to Adam Kennedy.  Chris Volstad did the normal pitcher sac bunt to move Maybin to third.  Emilio Bonifacio followed with what was ruled an infield single when Ian Desmond made a pretty crappy throw to first that Adam Dunn couldn't  come up with.  It scored Maybin.  With Logan Morrison at the plate, Boni stole second before LoMo worked his walk.  (Which, by the way, extended his on-base streak to 32.) Hanley Ramirez was next up, so after throwing ball one, Jordan Zimmermann decided this was the best time to spin around and throw the ball into right field.  Yes, you read that right, right field.  Boni scored from second on the throw to no one in particular.  Hanley eventually flew out to center to end the Marlins half of the inning.  Making the score Marlins 3, Nationals 0 with the home team coming to bat.

In the Nationals half of the inning, Volstad walked leadoff hitter Dunn, which is never a good start.  With one out Mike Morse singled moving Dunn to second.  Nyjer Morgan followed with a single to load the bases with one out.  Ivan Rodriguez hit a ground ball into the hole between short and third which scored Dunn and Morse.  Fortunately, Volstad was able to induce Ryan Zimmerman to hit into a double play to end the inning.  3-2 Marlins.

With one out in the top half of the third inning, Chad Tracy hit a single to left which brought Stanton to the plate.  Stanton had the big stick going and hit another home run to left.  5-2 Marlins.

But of course, that score wouldn't be long on display at the stadium.  In the Nats half of the inning, Desmond led off with a single and then stole second.  Which really isn't a big deal, but Rivera decided to return the favor and threw the ball into right-center moving Desmond to third.  Zimmerman hit to next pitch to right to score the runner.  5-3 Marlins.

So we move along to the fourth.  Boni led off with a single.  And with one out, Hanley hit a single to right which moved Boni to third.  Dan Uggla hit a slow bouncing ground ball to short which scored Boni.  6-3 Marlins.

But of course, the Nationals would answer back.  Roger Bernadina singled to center and stole second.  Morse walked.  Morgan did the sac bunt thing to move the runners up a base.  Pudge grounded out to Danny to score Bernadina and move Morse to third. The fourth inning would eventually end with the score Marlin 6, Nationals 4.

In the fifth, the Marlins wouldn't do much of anything on offense.   But that wasn't true of the Nationals.  Volstad got two quick outs and then stuff happened.  Zimmerman singled to right.  Dunn walked.  Bernadina singled to left on an excuse me swing to bring home Zimmerman while moving Dunn to second.  That would end Volstad's night, Edwin had seen enough.  Edwin signaled to the bullpen he wanted the Hopper.  So Burke Badenhop entered the game to shutdown this mess and preserve the one run lead.  The Hopper did not disappoint.  Though it did take him a hitter for him to get his game legs.  He walked Morse on what should've been called strike three.  No problem.  The very next pitch he threw a sinker to Morgan who grounded out to second on a very nifty sliding catch and throw by Danny.  The score was now 6-5 Marlins.

And there it would stay.  Brian Sanches, Will Ohman, Jose Veras put up impressive results in the middle innings shutting down the Nationals in order for three innings to give Clay Hensley a chance for the save in the ninth.  K-lay not wanting to break trend, pitched a 1-2-3 bottom of the ninth for his third save in as many days.

The Marlins completed the sweep and finished the six game road trip with a 4-2 record.  Did you know that only 5 of the 16 teams in the National League have winning records on the road?  The Marlins are one of them.