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Marlins Call Up Chris Hatcher, Jorge Sosa

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Is it just us, or are the Marlins catchers jinxed this season? First John Baker lands on the DL, then Ronny Paulino gets suspended for 50 games for taking freakin' diet pills, and now Brett Hayes is expected to miss 7-10 days after being bulldozed by Nyjer Morgan in a questionable play at the plate Tuesday night.

Well, somebody has to catch, and since we'd rather not see Gaby Sanchez forced into the gear anytime soon, the Marlins instead have called up Chris Hatcher from Triple A NOLA. He will back up Brad Davis. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write.)  

Between Double A and Triple A this season, Hatcher batted .197 in 101 at-bats. In his 17 games with the Zephyrs, he batted .167.

The Fish also recalled RHP Jorge Sosa.

And the callups begin.