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Chris Coghlan will undergo surgery

Chris Coghlan will be going under the scope.

Clark Spencer has the story.

Chris Coghlan will undergo surgery Wednesday to repair the torn meniscus in his left knee, all but eliminating any chance of him playing again the rest of the season.

The Marlins left fielder sustained the injury May 25 while planting a shaving-cream ``pie'' in the face of Wes Helms to celebrate his teammate's game-ending hit.


``I tried to come back,'' Coghlan said. ``I went out and threw three days ago, and I think that's when it really hit me that I'm not going to be able to do this. I had too much sharp pain in my knee.

``This is two weeks, and it hasn't really gotten any better.''



``I won't pie anyone ever again,'' he said.


Well, we knew this was coming.  It is better to get this over with now and let Coghlan rehab so he will be ready for next season.  If the Marlins catch a long, hot streak and make the post-season, it is possible he could be ready for the playoffs.  But we will jump off that bridge when we come to it.