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Cody Ross Re-signed?

There is a chance the Marlins will re-sign Cody Ross.

Joe Capozzi has the story.

Two major-league sources said Wednesday that the Marlins are considering re-signing Ross, who this winter will be eligible for salary arbitration for the last time. The offer would be for only one year.

Ross is making $4.45 million after winning his last arbitration hearing (the Marlins offered $4.2 million).

There still is a chance Ross could get traded this season or during the winter if the Marlins are blown away by an offer.

 Having a veteran outfielder for next season would be a very good thing.  The young ones at the corners have promise, but they really aren't all that good at the moment.  Cody is the best outfielder the Marlins have on the 25-man roster and someone needs to teach the kids what to do.   Like not running over him.  It also has the added benefits of hearing the chant CO-DY, CO-DY, CO-DY, for another year.  

While Cody isn't exactly working on a career year at this point, he is putting up a very consistent year.  Hopefully, if the Marlins decide to sign him they won't go through the dance of arbitration again.  I mean, the last time was embarrassing enough.

 Cody is a fan favorite-- just ask Minervini's very cute little daughter.  Who, by the way, must get her looks from her mother.  (I'm not trying to make sure I am never interviewed during a game, but let's face it: facts are facts.)

 Anyway, the Marlins could do a lot worse than signing Cody on for another year.