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Chris Coghlan doubtful

Chris Coghlan is not anywhere near guaranteed to return this season.

There's no timetable for when Chris Coghlan will return, if he even returns this season.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said Wednesday there's "a 70 percent chance" he will, though Coghlan was more measured in his optimism.

"I'm trying," said Coghlan, who tore the meniscus in his left knee celebrating a walk-off win July 25. "I would have gotten the surgery right away if there wasn't a possibility of me coming back."

Coghlan, who met with team physician Dr. Lee Kaplan on Tuesday and will do so again Friday, said he definitely will have surgery, but hopes to delay it until after the season. He said he expects recovery time from the procedure will be four to six weeks.

Coghlan said his knee is improving each day and there's no pain walking, which he started to do three days ago. He has lost some muscle around the knee, so he's doing three-quarter squats without weights, running in the pool and biking to strengthen his leg.

Oh, wow, he started walking three-days ago.  If Coghlan were able to come back he wouldn't be at a 100 percent; at the most we would be lucky to have him at 60 percent.  Really, he should just go ahead with the surgery.  The Marlins are floundering around .500 and have a lot of teams to jump in order to make the playoffs.

It is time for him to trust his teammates and see if they can do the jumping.  Should they pull it off, Coghlan can be added to the playoff roster.  If they don't, he can fully recuperate and be ready for next year.  I really don't see the reason to put it off the surgery at this point.   Sure, Coghlan is an important part of the team and its future, but he is no good to us, on the field, injured.  Let's get the boy healthy.