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Mike Stanton's Power

Jeff Sullivan takes a look at Mike Stanton's power.

People know Florida's Michael Stanton for one primary reason: he's really strong. The 20(!) year old outfielder racks up his share of strikeouts, but he also slugged 88 home runs over a 2.5-year span in the minors, and upon his promotion to the bigs, many instantly put him in the argument of being the strongest raw hitter in the Major Leagues. Adam DunnRyan Howard? Powerful guys, but not markedly more powerful than Michael Stanton. Or so the story goes. 

I'm not going to post the story, so if you want to read it, you're going to have to click on the link.  It is an interesting way to look at it, but it does have its problems, which Jeff is fully aware of.

Now, it's important to understand two things. For one, we're dealing with very small sample sizes here. Stanton has eight dingers. Snider has six. The numbers we get won't be super meaningful. For two, home runs per outfield fly ball is just a casual statistic, and not something of monumental importance. There are other measures of power, and there are other measures of productivity. It's more fun than it is anything else.

I completely agree with him; it is way too early to fully know what the Marlins have in Mike Stanton as a player.  But the early returns are looking good.  However, time will ultimately tell.