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Loria's gift to Halladay

It seems that the pitching rubber Jeffrey Loria gave to Roy Halladay has found a new home,a cardboard box.

The pitching rubber, a gift from Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, still sits in a cardboard box in Philadelphia. Roy Halladay has been meaning to ship it to his home in Odessa, Fla., where it can properly be displayed, but that can wait.

 That was over two months ago.  I'm glad the grounds crew had the pleasure of the added work to dig the thing up just so it could sit in a box.  Obviously, it isn't something that is important to Halladay, which is fine.  He didn't ask for it.  Now before you start with the "he has been busy" which he no doubt has been.  He could have easily carried it to Phillies home clubhouse and have one of the clubbies ship it for him.  He didn't.  And for 66 days he hasn't.

I really don't care what he does with it but I bring this up to make the point again, why are the Marlins planning on honoring Halladay's accomplishment by displaying home plate from the perfect game at the new stadium?  Halladay doesn't seem to care much about mementos from that game, so why would anyone think a Marlins fan would?

No, I just won't let this die.