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Logan Morrison and his Dad

Since this is presumably Logan Morrison's favorite story about him and his Dad, it is the one that we will link to.

Joe Frisaro pens the story.

Morrison celebrated birthday with ailing dad

I'm not going to blockquote any of it, for a couple of reasons.  One, you should read the whole thing and Two, since it is on a MLB server it won't end up in the pay for view archives.

I do want to add a note for those of you who haven't lived in Southern Louisiana, Sidell is a suburb of New Orleans.  Read the whole story, it is very short but is worth the few seconds it will take to read.

It had to be a very special birthday for LoMo yesterday.  And of course, we naturally wish Tom Morrison and his family the best in these trying times.  But be it known, Tom, your son is doing very well.