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Cody Ross Awarded to the Giants

After today's game, the Marlins award Cody Ross to the Giants.  Let me help you out with the preceding sentence: the Marlins gave away Cody to the Giants and received nothing in return.  Nothing.

As you know, the Giants claimed Cody off waivers to make sure the Padres couldn't acquire him.  Beinfest couldn't workout a trade, so he decided to just give him away.  Beinfest and his ilk wanted to make room so they could evaluate Cameron Maybin for the rest of the season.  And giving Cody away did that and had the added bonus of the Marlins not having to pay his salary.  

The Marlins gave away one of the fan favorites, the only good defensive outfielder on the 25-man roster and a solid power hitter so they could run the Maybin experiment again.  Yeah, yeah, I know all the reasons for it, but that doesn't make me happy about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the season is now officially over.  The front office has thrown in the towel and proclaimed that the Marlins are out of the race.

The whole thing sucks.

Cody had this to say:

"It’s going to be tough, really tough," Ross said. "People think we’re machines and that we don’t have families and that nothing matters except going out there and getting base hits and hitting home runs but we have emotions. I have a bunch of really good friends in here including a best friend. It’s a sad day."

Not only does it hurt the team baseball-wise for the remainder of the season, the clubhouse now has a huge void, that can't be filled anytime soon.

In case you didn't know, Dan Uggla and Cody are best friends.

Danny on the news of Cody departing :

"I’ve never had a better teammate or a better clubhouse guy," Uggla said. "Every team has their guys that they live and die with in the clubhouse and on the field and he was one of ours. It’s a really sad day. With his personality, his ability to lead and his ability to make the rest of us happy and make sure we have the right attitude is a huge asset to this team. Now he’s going to be a huge asset to the Giants. It’s a big blow to this team and this clubhouse."

Never again will the chant: CO-DY! CO-DY! CO-DY! be heard at Sun Life Stadium.  For those who were in attendance on the day the chant first began: it was one of their most memorable experiences and for some, their favorite.

This is a sad day to be a Marlins fan.  Cody will be missed, but never forgotten.  Good Luck Cody!  We love you, man.