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Ronnie Paulino Suspended 50 Games for Failing PED Test

Ronnie Paulino has been suspended for 50 games--effective immediately--for the use of a substance banned by Major League Baseball. Paulino says he failed the PED test because of a banned substance in a dietary supplement he was using, and made the following statement:

"To control my weight this season, I used a dietary pill. Regretfully, I recently learned that the dietary pill contained a substance banned under Major League Baseball’s drug policy," Paulino said in a statement issued by the team.

"I am ashamed and saddened for disappointing and distracting my family, my teammates, the entire Florida Marlins’ organization, and baseball fans. My heartfelt and most sincere apology.

"I accept full responsibility and all consequences for this mistake and therefore, choose not to challenge my suspension. I was irresponsible for failing to take all precautionary steps in confirming the approval of the dietary pill. Without a doubt, I have learned from my mistake."

Paulino has been placed on the restricted list, and the Marlins have called up Brad Davis from AAA New Orleans to share time behind the plate with Brett Hayes.