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Taylor Tankersley to Triple-A, Andrew Miller recalled

After last night's game the Marlins optioned Taylor Tankersely to NOLA and recalled Andrew Miller.

I kid you not.

Florida also sent lefty Taylor Tankersley to the Minors and recalled Andrew Miller from Triple-A New Orleans.

First off, the above statement isn't completely accurate; Miller was in Double-A Jacksonville, but the rest remains true.

Second off, Why?

Andrew Miller has been far from impressive.... Uh, come to think of it, he has made an impression, but it is very far from being favorable.  Miller in his time in Jacksonville as a starter posted a 1-8 record, a 6.01 ERA, 61 BB, 66 K and a .294 BAA in 85.1 innings.  That ain't great.  But let's see how he has pitched in the month of August, since sometimes early problems skew the statistics and what he has done lately should be given more weight.  In August,  Miller has put up a 8.84 ERA with 11 BB, 14 K and a .384 BAA in 19.1 innings of work.  Feel better now?

But Miller isn't going to be used as a starter, he will be pitching out of the pen.  Seeing how he is replacing Tankersley, it is fair to think he is the new LOOGY.  So maybe it is possible all of his troubles have been against right-handed hitters.

Miller v. Lefties: 5.84 ERA, 18 BB, 19 K and a .287 BAA in 21.1 innings.  I guess that is better.  Actually, if you take FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching)  into account, he is worse against lefties than righties.  Albeit slightly.

At this point, I have no idea why BGA was recalled.

Don't get me wrong, from all accounts Andrew Miller is a great guy.  One I would probably love to have a long conversation with.  But I am reminded of what I was once told: There is no market for great guys.

All of the above said: Go get 'em Andrew. We are pulling for you.