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Marlins sign Wes Helms for the 2011 season

The Marlins didn't want to wait on the signing of Wes Helms and they agreed to a $1 million dollar contract for next season.

From joecapMARLINS on twitter.

#Marlins sign Wes helms thru 2011. 1yr extension for $1 mil

This is a solid move by the team.  Next season Helms can back up Chris Coghlan at third while helping him out in improving his play at the position.  One day, Matt Dominguez will take over the spot at third, but it probably won't happen for the next couple of years.  Or so I hope.  Dominguez, isn't ready yet and it also requires that Coghlan will move to second and I'm not ready to lose Dan Uggla.

Uncle Wes is a valuable member of the team and not just for his skills at the plate or in the field.  He is a solid veteran presence in the clubhouse.  That is where he really shines.  As long as the Marlins show loyalty to him, the more likely he will be a coach in the organization one day.  And Wesley, will be an outstanding coach.  Lord knows he has seen his share of young players come and go in the organization.