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Marlins to interview for a New Manager?

This was kinda expected but apparently the Marlins are going to go through Manager interviews again in the offseason.

San Diego Padres bench coach Ted Simmons hopes to be interviewed for the Cubs manager opening when the team begins the process of looking for a successor to Lou Piniella.

Simmons, according to major league sources, is in line to get an interview for the Florida Marlins job as well.

Edwin Rodriguez was put into a very bad situation when he took over for Fredi. But while the team has shown some flashes of talent, which we all know they have, they haven't really put all that much together. Now, is this Edwin's fault? Not really. While the concept of the better pitcher still eludes him, he can only do so much. I'm sure if the Marlins do hold interviews he will be one of the ones interviewed. But if the team doesn't get it together, he will have little chance of being the Marlins manager next season.