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Ronny Paulino to start sharing time behind the plate

The Marlins have finally come to their senses and are going to platoon the catchers.

Joe Capozzi fills us in.

"I did have a conversation with Ronny Paulino and I told him what I've been seeing in him, that he's a little bit tired,' manager Edwin Rodriguez said Monday.

"It seems to be like his whole body is slowing down, his swing is slowing down. All of his actions are slowing down. He understands. He's very aware of what I am trying to do. He is fine sharing time with Hayes.'

Entering Monday's game, Paulino was batting .100 (3-for-30) this month. He hasn't caught successive games since Aug 10-11 in Washington. Since then, he has alternated starts with Hayes, who started Monday.

Catching is a really hard job.  And doing it in the heat and humidity of South Florida, or for that matter anywhere in the towns in the NL East in July and August, is physically draining.  While Brett Hayes didn't have the greatest of nights last night, he is a good substitute.  He may not be the best, but he has his moments and is actually better than a worn down Paulino.

About time this took place.