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Leo Nunez and the change

There is a concern that Leo Nunez is using his changeup too often and that is the reason for the recent blown starts.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said that closer Leo Nunez has been overusing his changeup, and that could be the cause of his recent late-inning woes.


"We're trying to get him to use his fastball more," Rodriguez said. "We've been using the bullpen way too much , and that may be the reason he doesn't want to go with the fastball. For now, he's our closer, but if he doesn't make an adjustment, we may have to explore other options -- maybe do a closer by committee."

There is no doubt that Leo is throwing his change more often this season.


But I'm not sure it is the frequency of using the pitch that is the problem. I'm tending towards he is getting predictable as to what pitch he is going throw. 


If Leo is behind in the count here comes the fastball.  If he is ahead in the count, the batter can sit on the change.  Someone needs to teach this boy how to pitch.  You can't be that predictable and continue to have success.  Should a hitter be down 0-1 there is a fair chance he will see three to four changeups in-a-row coming his way. 

Leo has a good changeup but it isn't good enough that he can throw it as often in the situations he does. Especially given that everyone in the park knows when it is coming.  When everyone does, it ceases to be an out pitch.

Nunez needs to keep the batters off balance and that is something he is failing to do.