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Tim Wood optioned to New Orleans

Tim Wood was optioned to New Orleans after the game.

It was a rough night for reliever Tim Wood, who was optioned to Triple A New Orleans after giving up four runs in one inning. It appears that the Marlins will be calling up left-hander Dan Meyer from the Zephyrs.

 And the revolving door continues to spin.  If Dan Meyer is on his game, and judging by his recent outings in NOLA, he is, he will be a good addition to the bullpen.  If Meyer and Badenhop have regained the form they showed last season, the Marlins may have a decent bullpen to go the rest of the way.  This, of course, remains to be seen.  But the two of them have shown they have the ability to provide quality relief in the past and maybe, just maybe, they will do it again.

We will have to wait until later today to know whether Meyer is actually called up.  But I think it is a good bet he will be.  Especially since Dan is a lefty who is not a LOOGY.

Will the addition of Badenhop and Meyer, if Meyer should happen, be enough to help turn around the Marlins?  Doubt it, but it is a step in the right direction.