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Marlins air horn giveaways a collectable

It turns out that a place I have never heard of, but now hope to visit one day, is interested in displaying Marlins vuvuzelas.

Air horns as artifacts?

``Absolutely,'' said a baseball curator who is dying to get his hands on one of the air horns the Marlins gave away to fans last month. ``It's perfect.''

It's perfect, that is, for the Baseball Reliquary, an offbeat version of the Hall of Fame.

Never mind dusty old balls and bats that carry historical significance.

``We don't want that stuff,'' said Terry Cannon, the group's executive director.

``Some of the interesting promotions are ones that went awry,'' Cannon said.



Cannon said he is working on an exhibit that looks at baseball promotions, which is why he's interested in the Marlins' air horn giveaway. The air horns -- more popularly known as vuvuzelas to those attending soccer's World Cup in South Africa -- were given to fans on the night of June 19, and might have contributed to a batting order mix-up that precipitated the ejection of manager Fredi Gonzalez and preceded his firing by four days.

"Some of the interesting promotions are ones that went awry," Cannon said.

I was at that game and that was absolutely the worst experience I have ever had as a fan at a major league baseball game.  It was truly awful.  Let me tell how bad it was. GameFish and I left with the score tied in the ninth, because we couldn't stand it anymore.  Spud and LadyFish decided to soldier on, but that was their mistake.

Mr. Cannon, expand your scope and try to gather up every one of the horns. If you achieve that, you will be a hero of mine.