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Chris Coghlan Surgery on Hold

Chris Coghlan is going to try and see if he can get through the season on his bum knee.

Joe Frisaro has the story.

On the 15-day disabled list with a torn meniscus in his left knee, Coghlan returned to South Florida on Thursday. Marlins physician Lee Kaplan examined the 25-year-old on Friday, and the recommendation is to see if treatment will be enough to get him back on the field in about a month.


Surgery eventually will occur. The question is if it will be in the next few weeks or after the season.


The question is whether Coghlan can play with the tear for a few weeks and not suffer any further damage. If he has surgery, it will take six to eight weeks to recover, meaning he likely will be out the rest of the season. 

So either way it goes, he will miss all of August.  Then, maybe he'll play in September or maybe not.  Let's say it does respond to treatment and he comes back at the first of September, he will have missed a month and will likely take a week or so to get his swing back.  Plus he will be running around on a gimpy knee.  The way everything reads to me, it might be best to call it a season and have the surgery.  Keeping in mind, if he does go under the scope, there is an outside shot of maybe, just maybe, returning for the final two weeks.  But they know more about this than I do, so we will just have to wait and see how he responds.