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Texas Rangers inquire about Josh Johnson

While the Rangers had the Marlins on the phone, they put forth an offer to at least attempt a trade for Josh Johnson.

Joe Frisaro has the story. has learned that in talking to the Marlins about acquiring Jorge Cantu, the Rangers also figured it was worth a chance to reach for the sky. They also inquired to see if the Marlins would consider trading All-Star Josh Johnson.

Texas was willing to part with their top three prospects, just to get the conversation rolling for the hard-throwing Florida ace.

Before a conversation could even get started, the Marlins made it clear that Johnson is "unmovable."

Nothing wrong with them taking a shot in the dark.   And really, who can blame them for asking? Sure, it was never going to happen, but in their way of thinking, you never know until you try.  Well, they tried and learned what they already knew: there ain't no stinking way the Marlins are going to trade JJ at this point in his career.  But there is something to say, which is almost amusing, for having the guts to ask.