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Brian Wilson's orange shoes

What not to wear.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
What not to wear. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It seems the Marlins have taken exception to the Giants closer's choice of footwear.

If you saw Giants closer Brian Wilson’s cleats on TV tonight, then you might agree with Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez: The shoes — dayglo orange — are so ugly they’re distracting.

"A little bit too bright, too flashy," said Rodriguez, who complained to umpires at the start of the ninth inning.

"We asked if there was any rule about that. He said the rule is more intended for the sleeves and there’s no real for the shoes."

Rodriguez said Major League Baseball should institute a rule for shoes — because he said the ones Wilson wore were too distracting.

"There’s rules for jewelry and all kinds of things. Shoes like that are a little bit too much," he said.

"I think there should be a rule. They should be consistent. There’s a rule for the uniform and there should be a rule for the shoes."

Now, I'm not a guy who notices the shoes people wear, it is just something I never do.  With the one exception of when I first met GameFish in person I remember explicitly the shoes she was wearing.  Other than that one time, I generally don't notice.

But it was next to impossible not to notice Brian Wilson's glow in the dark orange shoes.  It would be one thing if everyone on the team was wearing them, you would finally get acclimated to them.  But this isn't the case with Wilson.

Those things stood out like you wouldn't believe.  And Wilson has a high enough leg kick to show those puppies off.  I think Edwin is right in his complaint.  They were distracting to me and I wasn't trying to hit one of his pitches.

All of that said, they would be good for outfitting young trick-or-treaters on Halloween.  All the cars would most definitely see them.

Do kids still walk the neighborhoods in search of candy on Halloween?  They don't where I live.

[Update] Brian Wilson fined for wearing orange shoes.