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Marlins Trade Possibilites

This is a day or two old and I meant to post it yesterday, but that didn't happen.  But I didn't want it to keep sitting on the back burner.

This is from Joe Frisaro, who has probably the best inside info, but sadly, also has to give the company message at times.

 The team will continue to evaluate all the way up to the July 31 non-waiver deadline, which will come when the Marlins are on the West Coast.


The team still may make a couple of trades. Jorge Cantu has drawn interest from the Giants, Rockies and Rangers. Cody Ross has a handful of teams -- like the Red Sox, Reds, Dodgers and Braves -- who are interested. Don't expect the Marlins to deal with Atlanta.


A match with Atlanta is doubtful. If the Marlins, now 6-2 on the homestand, feel they can make a run, they will need Ross, and wouldn't send him to their division rival.

Uh, yes, they would send him to a division rival.  They traded Carlos Delgado and Paul Lo Duca to the Mets in 2005.  Now, granted both of those were under different circumstances than this.  But if the Marlins are looking to unload payroll, they don't care who they trade with.  Now, I do get Joe's point of if we are trying to catch the Braves why help them out?  It makes sense.  However, I'm not completely sold on we are trying to catch the Braves.  And I'm not sure we could at this point.  Come the deadline, we may be trying to unload salary and make the pretense of winning the wild card.  Whether or not this happens, remains to be seen.  Let's just say, I don't trust Loria at all when it comes to his "I want the team to win."  Yeah, he probably would like it if the team did win, but that is not what dictates player movements.

This part is really interesting.

Dan Uggla is not being shopped, and the organization is expected to pursue signing him long term in the off season. Ricky Nolasco also won't likely be dealt. The Marlins also are entertaining signing Nolasco to a multi-year contract.

Danny being offered a long term contract, I will have to see to believe it.  That man is going to cost a lot of money.  I have no problem with the Marlins offering him a three-year deal, but nothing more.  Danny is 30 and the declining years are coming soon.  But probably not for another three years or so.  Normally a frugal team such as the Marlins would try to get rid of him while he is still in his prime.  However, if they want to open up the new ballpark with him on the team, I wouldn't mind.  It just makes one wonder how they are going to handle the Logan Morrison, Chris Coghlan situation.  I guess CC will move to third eventually.

Signing Ricky Nolasco longterm is a no brainer to me.  The boy has stuff and he is only 27.  He will probably keep improving for several years to come.  When a pitcher has as much proven talent as he does, you just don't ship him away.  If you can avoid it.  When Ricky is on - he is gold.  When not - he battles through it.  And frankly there is no one in the minors who can dominate a game like he can.  I hope this happens.

Your mileage may very.