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Marlins trade deadline rumors

While I never put much stock into trade deadline rumors, I thought I would pass this along.  I actually meant to do it last night but things got in the way.

Anyway, here it is.

First up the Boston Globe.

Red Sox assistant general manager Allard Baird was at the Marlins-Rockies game last night in Miami. Baird’s whereabouts are usually significant, because it’s an indication of what the team may be considering. The Rockies have a catcher, Chris Iannetta, who would fit well with the Sox, in that he doesn’t have to be the starter when Victor Martinez comes back but is capable of starting. Iannetta would also provide power and better overall offense than the healthy catchers they have. The Rockies may have a reliever or two (lefthanders Joe Beimel and Randy Flores) who could help the Sox, and the Marlins have a reliever (Leo Nunez) and hitters (Dan Uggla, who could be moved to the outfield, or Cody Ross) who could add some spark.

 Danny can play the outfield?  That is news to me.  However, he is probably athlete enough to figure it out.  Though it would be interesting to see him play the ball off the green monster should this happen.  Hopefully, this won't ever happen.  Cody can play the outfield anywhere but I would prefer it being with "Marlins" written on the front of his uniform.  Leo is under club control but is arbitration eligible once again and it would depend on how much salary the Marlins are looking to dump.

Of course you could be saying, "how do we know the Red Sox weren't just looking at the Rockies players?"  Well, we don't.  But the Denver Post reports this:

The Red Sox had a scout at the Rockies' game Wednesday night, but it wasn't tied to Chris Iannetta. While Boston will likely revisit talks for the catcher in the offseason, the Red Sox need relief pitching. The Marlins have a battery of electric arms, including closer Leo Nuñez.

So what it amounts to is: who knows?  More than likely the Marlins will be moving some of the higher priced talent and they don't really care to who.  What will matter is what they can get in return, but really, that isn't all that important to them.  If they are looking to trim the payroll the front office will do their best, but trimming the payroll will take precedence.